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Chris has appeared numerous times on television throughout the World...including BBC1, ITV, ITV news, Sky, NBC,  The CW channel, ABC1, Valley View Live - Las Vegas etc.

Chris is available for tv work throughout the World both as a magician and an actor.

Go to the contact page now to get in touch...

Here is Chris's latest tv showreel...

























Master of the Macabre - 2015 - London -

Lead role of Benedict Barber - colourful language!

Time Out


Barber’s patter is sharp and fluid, his command of the room impressive even as he lays the Gothic on thick. His set treads the line between the cosily camp and the genuinely creepy with skill, as he lays a trail of breadcrumbs to a spectacular and unsettling denouement…


The second act is where it all kicks off, as ‘Master of the Macabre’ reveals itself as a plucky successor to fellow magician Andy Nyman’s long-running ‘Ghost Stories’. If it never quite builds to those box office-busting chills, it’s still a cracking Halloween night out.


Full Review


London Theatre 1 


"It is the strength and stage presence of Benedict who captures the audience from the moment he, rather spectacularly, appears and never lets them go until the conclusion... I left with feeling that I had been thoroughly entertained by a very talented young man whose voice still makes me shudder thinking about him this morning. Now that’s magic!"


Full Review


Sleightly Dishonest - Edinburgh Festival 2015

Arts Award Voice


"A show jam-packed full of mind-blowing tricks, some so unbelievable, that you won't be able to stop your jaw from dropping open"


Full Review


Bouquets and Brickbats 

“Great to see these classic routines done with such style and aplomb... It’s an accomplished piece of close up magic, one of the best I’ve seen.”



Full Review


The Naked Magicians

"This is a magic show like no other and has that certain something that should make it a hit” Monti Rock - Gaming Today

“Magic at it’s best and at it’s funniest” Sandy Zimmerman - Las Vegas Today

"So fascinating to watch, I think that they will be back in Vegas” Robin Leach

Full Review


More Magic and Mischief

"Dugdale is a charming, captivating showman and a natural entertainer who will keep you enthralled from start to finish. The buildup of each trick and the tension that ensues is just as important as the payoff: he does this masterfully. His skill and prowess as an illusionist is truly astonishing and even if you don’t impress easily, I daresay his closing trick will have you absolutely dumbfounded." Broadway Baby



Full Review


"The best magic show in the UK! By a squillion miles!"

- Pulse FM


Magic and Mischief

"Implementing audience participation into a show of any nature is  a daunting prospect for a performer, but Dugdale looked at home on the stage, conversing with his chosen assistants and the audience as a whole, as if he had known them for years, making it look so easy!"


"MAGIC AND MISCHIEF provides exactly what it promises – tricks that truly makes you wonder how they are achieved, enveloped in a solid, satisfying show"


Edinburgh Reporter


Full Review



"It’s tempting, as with all shows, to try to see the strings, to work out precisely what Dugdale is doing and how he’s doing it but, even on a stage under the bright unforgiving lights, it’s impossible to do so."


Broadway Baby


Full Review



2 Faced Deception - The West End - Leicester Square Theatre

"Comparisons with Derren Brown are inevitable and, for Chris, no doubt welcome, as there's more jaw-dropping in the first twenty minutes of Two Faced Deception than in two hours twenty minutes of the brand leader's Svengali.


Chris Dugdale delivers extraordinary magic in extreme close-up with verve and a technical mastery that is the product of a God-given gift and endless hours of practice. You see it - there, almost within reach - but over and over again you're left astonished." Broadway World 


Full Review


An Evening of Magic and Mindreading -
Chris Dugdale - Riverside Studios

“Chris Dugdale is a fine sleight of hand magician – really superb...some genuinely jaw-dropping moments.”

Alistair Smith, The Stage, 3rd September 2010


“He's the undisputed king of the close-up card trick and a mind-boggling maestro of modern magic.”

Roger Foss, LBC radio, 3rd September 2010


“Chris Dugdale is an astonishing performer in his brand of theatrical magic...  Put simply it is a sensational show of close up card magic and impossible mind reading. Most of what Chris Dugdale does is beyond the comprehension of most people's sense… A great night of entertainment for young and old alike.”


"Brilliant, amazing" - Capital Radio



The Public Reviews



“Kids and parents pull exactly the same faces in shock at what they're witnessing... this show offers superb value from a man completely in control of his material and audience.  See him now before he er... disappears to bigger venues and the lure of Las Vegas.” Broadwayworld Review



“Go see this incredible show for yourself – it will leave you bedazzled, bewitched, astonished and above all, entertained” 

********* 9/10

Film-News reviews



Close up magic is the most interactive, fun and amazing form of entertainment for your next function. Chris Dugdale is a world renowned exponent.  Chris can stroll between groups in a cocktail situation or work around the tables during a dinner function. Close up magic can be booked alone or in conjunction with the after dinner show. Chris's presence at your next event guarantees that it will be memorable for years to come... it also provides the opportunity for the most amazing photographs!



An unbelievably dynamic show of interactive magic and mind control. Suitable for groups ranging from 20 -5000. Available in 20/30/40 and 60 minute variations...You won't believe what happens at the end of the show... nobody sees it coming!



Do you want crowds like this around your next trade show stand?


With Chris's background in psychology and marketing Chris:



  • Lead Generates - he generates a huge amount of traffic 

  • Lead Qualifies - if you wish he can qualify the leads during his presentation

  • Entertains

  • Informs the crowds about your key messages and USP's - these key messages are integrated seamlessly into his presentations...

  • Get's the traffic onto your stand at the end of every pitch...

"Chris is Magic!

At Trustpilot Chris has helped us at several events, where his magic tricks engage bypassers so that they can learn more about our company. 

I had the pleasure of witnessing Chris in action and was impressed on three levels


Fantastic show
The show itself is really really good. It is first quality magic. I was amazed and entertained. So were all the visitors. 

Business minded
While doing tricks, Chris is managing to get all our key selling points into his show. This really baffles me how he can do this. He is selling the company better than any sales reps, while doing magic. In combination with the show, this has two effects: First, it makes the customers feel like they are getting something, so they feel like listening to us. Second, he opens their eyes to the value we give. 

Team spirit
Chris manages to be a part of out team. Nobody is alienated. He is humble and friendly. He is helping out. The team sees him as one of us. And takes pride in the fact that we stand out. 

The combination of these three pieces is a very very powerful outcome. The effect on our events and the ROI it is creating is extremely positive.

All the best,"

Peter Holten Mühlmann CEO TRUSTPILOT

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 15.59.10.png

The bottom line is quite simple. To attend a trade show you are investing a lot of money right?


And you want to maximize your ROI correct?


Then call Chris Dugdale now to have a no obligation 10 minute chat regarding your next trade event.

It might just be the most profitable 10 minutes you have ever invested!

Call Chris DIRECT now on US +(1) 443 454 2365 

or email him at

"I wanted to extend to you our heartfelt thanks for the great job you did for us at the Microsoft IT Forum event in Barcelona. Your shows added another dimension to Dell's presence at the event and were solely responsible for the success of the theatre briefings we staged" - Joe Galsworthy, Dell Event Marketing

"Having worked with both Phil and Chris at various exhibitions, it is clear that their talent and incredible gusto are a key ingredient in drawing the extra crowds to our stand. They supply the perfect combination of entertainment and sales technique. I particularly appreciate their willingness to share their marketing experience and helping to develop relevant sales pitches. We wouldn't dream of exhibiting without them!"
Harj Singh - SYNETRIX

"You have an outstanding profit and lead making system. Your marketing applications using magic are highly effective. We will be in touch soon to arrange next year's Exhibition." 



In addition to close up magic, the after dinner show and trade shows the following training is available for corporate hire: 


The Success Magic Seminar - A motivational 60 minute talk altering your appraoch to goal setting forever...using proven psychological techniques and mind control demonstrations...


The Killer Public Speaking Seminar - The 60 minute live follow up to Chris's knockout online speaking course - see products below...



The Magic Of Public Speaking   - Become a power speaker in just 7 days - guaranteed... $9.99 - 30 day money-back guarantee - click here


For Success Magic Enquiries go to the contact form...

“Chris has achieved the trifecta in entertainment – he is a dynamic speaker, magician, and entertainer.  As a speaker, he left people with tangible ideas of how they could create success in their own lives.  As a magician, he left people in disbelief, and as an entertainer, he left people wanting more….   What more could you ask for – each time we engage with Chris, he continues to raise the bar.” Steve Andrews - IFS




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